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AMD: Radeon Software Crimson Edition

04.05.16 – Grafikkarten-Treiber funktionieren am besten, wenn sie unbemerkt im Hintergrund arbeiten und das Spielerlebnis sowie die Produktivität des Nutzers optimieren. Aus diesem Grund arbeitete die Radeon Technologies Group von AMD in den vergangenen Monaten mit zahlreichen Updates daran, die Radeon Software Crimson Edition seit ihrem Launch weiter zu verbessern.

Eine Liste mit allen veröffentlichten Treiber-Features der Crimson Editon und weiterführende Informationen zu diesem Thema finden Sie in dem unten stehenden, englischen Text.

Just under five months ago, we saw the first fruits of our Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) completely refreshed and renewed software strategy. Radeon Software Crimson was unlike anything you’ve seen from us in the past. The AMD Software Engineering team has been executing on our commitments with determination, providing meaningful driver updates for:

  1. Game optimizations for Ashes of the Singularity™, Rise of the Tomb Raider™, The Division™, XCOM 2, Gears of War Ultimate Edition®, Fallout 4™, Far Cry Primal™, Hitman™, Need for Speed™ and further optimizations on other games already in market
  2. New API and SDK Support (Vulkan™ API, DirectX® 12 Quick Response Queue, AMD LiquidVR™ SDK)
  3. Support of the launch of Oculus Rift™ and HTC Vive™ headsets
  4. External graphics support with XCONNECT
  5. Double digit performance improvements across our Radeon Graphics product line
  6. New Product Support (VR HMDs, AMD XConnect™ technology and AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo)
  7. New Features Introduced for Radeon™ Settings (Per-Game Display Scaling, Language Menu, Two Display Eyefinity, AMD Crossfire™ Status Indicator, Updated Social Links based on Region and Power Efficiency Toggle)

Technology is at its best when it’s invisible, undetectable and unnoticeable. In one word, seamless. We at AMD work very hard to constantly improve the user experience so that PC users can enjoy playing games, watching videos and being productive. The AMD Software Engineering Team also delivered three WHQL certified drivers with numerous customer issues resolved for improved stability and reliability.

As we enter Q2, we introduced Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1 adding day one support for the launch of Quantum Break. The driver as a whole boasts an impressive 35% performance improvement when compared to RSCE 16.3.2 on this title.

Our approach to Radeon Software is best summed up by Andrej Zdravkovic, rejoining AMD (former ATI) as a Corporate VP of Software and Platform Engineering: “Delivering great customer experiences means building feature-rich products that are reliable, high performing, and power efficient. However, being ‘competitive’ is not enough. Only industry-leading products and designs will enable us to establish a winning brand that customers will respect and desire.”

We continue to listen to you, our press and your communities as we strive under new leadership to deliver amazing experiences relying on performance-driven designs and user-oriented functionality that is lightning-fast, looks sharp and works smoothly.


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