22  March 2022 Taipei, Taiwan– BIOSTAR, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices today, announces product support for the latest AMD Ryzen™ 5000/ 4000 series processors.

With the announcement of AMD’s latest Ryzen™ 5000/ 4000 series processors, the industry is abuzz with the search for viable motherboards that support these latest chips. AMD’s latest processors, engineered on their groundbreaking ZEN 2 and ZEN 3 architectures, are built to perform, catering to a wide range of use cases.
BIOSTAR proudly presents the first batch of motherboards ready to support the latest AMD Ryzen™ 5000/4000 series processors. Addressing the high demand of the mid-range market first, BIOSTAR launches a comprehensive BIOS update for the B550, A520, B450, and A320 motherboards, that makes them compatible with the latest AMD Ryzen™ 5000/ 4000 series processors.
AMD’s latest offerings of Ryzen™ 7 5800X3D, Ryzen™ 7 5700X, Ryzen™ 5 5600, Ryzen™ 5 5500, and Ryzen™ 5 4600G, Ryzen™ 5 4500, Ryzen™ 3 4100, bring users more comprehensive choices on highly favorable price points.
Users can either go for the optimal performance combo using BIOSTAR’s high performance series motherboard with Ryzen™ 7 5800X3D processor or build a price-competitive platform using BIOSTAR’s mainstream series motherboard with Ryzen™ 3 4100 processors.
In conclusion, consumers can now choose between some of BIOSTAR’s highest-selling motherboards that carry the best technology on-demand. Combine BIOSTAR motherboards with the latest AMD Ryzen™ 5000/ 4000 series processors to gain the ultimate performance duo with BIOSTAR’s globally renowned product quality and durability.
*The details will be subject to BIOSTAR official website (www.biostar.com.tw) announcement.
** BIOSTAR reserves the right to add or remove support for any processors notice.

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