Launch of “GLACIER RGB” – CPU Cooler

Tech innovator GELID Solutions unveils the latest ultimate-performance CPU Cooler for AMD and Intel CPU. The GLACIER RGB is a product of GELID Solutions GAMER product line. The newly designed twin-tower heatsink – a core part of the GLACIER RGB – comes with the powerful set of 6 U-Stacked heat pipes to deliver the most efficient heat distribution through the heatsink elements.

The twin-tower build of the GLACIER RGB also provides enlarged dissipation area to drain heat out and helps reduce air flow resistance. Additionally, the new heatsink introduces the Enhanced Heatpipe Direct Contact (EHDC) Technology to guarantee perfect thermal contact and facilitate heat transfer between CPU and the heat pipes. As the result, the GLACIER RGB supports TDP over 220 W and makes itself a super-hero CPU Cooler for avid gamers and performance enthusiasts.

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