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Launch of “ICEBERRY”

HONG KONG, 18 December 2020 – Tech innovator GELID Solutions unveils the latest cooling kit featuring convenient housing and enhanced cooling for Raspberry Pi 4 Microcomputer. The ICEBERRY is a product of GELID Solutions GAMER product line.

The ICEBERRY is designed to prevent Raspberry Pi 4 from overheating, boost its performance and eliminate thermal throttling issues. It is well acknowledged that Raspberry Pi 4 tends to overheating under high load in case no additional cooling is applied. Temperatures may climb up to 80°C and higher, which in turn triggers the activation of thermal throttling and leads to considerably degraded performance. The ICEBERRY helps solve that problem. It comes with an optimized Heatsink-Fan Module boasting the high-airflow 50mm fan and the slim aluminum heatsink with enlarged footprint that spreads across the surface area of the Raspberry Pi 4 PCB to improve heat dissipation. The specially crafted aluminum case goes to reducing temperatures and accommodates convenient housing for Raspberry Pi 4. The pre-cut GP-Extreme thermal pads cover the heat-generating components – SoC and RAM Memory IC – and tailor a highly efficient thermal interface to transfer heat to the Heatsink-Fan Module. The aluminum case also carries side vents to enhance airflow. All the I/O ports and slots such as USB-C power port, micro-HDMI ports, audio port, USB ports, display slot, and others are easily accessible. Additionally, microSD card access and camera cable passthrough are also provided.

The ICEBERRY is RoHS and WEEE conform and carries a 2 year warranty.

“ICEBERRY brings an ultimate cooling solution to the table. It is crafted to fit the Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer
perfectly and helps maintain temperatures within the normal range under any workload or use-case scenario. You
can even overclock and raise performance of your Raspberry Pi 4 higher!”, said Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of
GELID Solutions Ltd.

The ICEBERRY is available now and has a MSRP of USD 21.99 or Euro 19.99.

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